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Recipe challenge ingredients

Pan Fry — Oil it up and get cooking.

Tofu — A versatile bean curd that works with just about any style of cooking.

Rice — A classic food staple around the world.

Parsley — Think beyond the garnish.

Onion — No pantry should be without a supply of these.

Artichoke — The most delicious of thistles.

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Pan fry: tofu, rice, parsley, onion, and artichoke

What will you make with tofu, rice, and artichokes?

For your protein, veggies, and carbs, try this combination: tofu, artichoke, and rice. Parsley and onion are added for flavor and character.

You can use these ingredients in a single dish or combine them however you like to create one or more side dishes and a main course. Try to pan fry at least one of the dishes, though.

Use any additional ingredients that you think will work as well. There are really no rules here. This is all just a suggested starting point to get you going. If you’re inspired to do something completely different, then good for you! The point is just to have fun and to discover some new flavors and food combinations.

Recipe Ideas

  • This Vegan Paella uses all the ingredients in this set plus quite a few more for a delicious and impressive celebration of food.
Vegan Paella

Show us your recipes!

Whether you’re a professional food blogger or just an enthusiastic amateur chef, we’d love to see what you come up with for this random cooking challenge. Use the form below to tell us about your recipe or collection of recipes that match the criteria above. We’ll be happy to post a link to your pages!

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