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Recipe challenge ingredients

Pan Fry — Oil it up and get cooking.

Eggs — They're for more than just breakfast!

Potato — Mashed or french fried? We all love a potato.

Parsley — Think beyond the garnish.

Mushroom — Nutritious and more than a dozen varieties for endless cooking options.

Spinach — Healthy and abundant with a ton of uses in the kitchen.

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Pan fry: eggs, potato, parsley, mushroom, and spinach

What recipe will you make with eggs, potatoes, mushrooms, and spinach?

Try eggs, spinach, and potato for your protein, vegetables, and carbs. Have fun with it by adding parsley and mushroom.

You might want to combine the ingredients into a single meal — on a sheet pan or in a crock pot, for example — or separate them into multiple dishes. Whatever you decide, we suggest you pan fry at least one of the dishes.

Recipe Ideas

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Show us your recipes!

Whether you’re a professional food blogger or just an enthusiastic amateur chef, we’d love to see what you come up with for this random cooking challenge. Use the form below to tell us about your recipe or collection of recipes that match the criteria above. We’ll be happy to post a link to your pages!

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