Recipe challenge ingredients

Grill — Cook it over an open flame.

Tempeh — Fermented soybean cake? Sure, why not.

Quinoa — A tasty, increasingly popular South American "pseudograin."

Cilantro — Peppery and pungent fresh leaves of the coriander plant.

Nuts — Or seeds. Go wild. Or nuts.

Radish — A crisp, crunchy, peppery root that’s great raw or cooked.

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Grill: tempeh, quinoa, cilantro, nuts, and radish

What will you make with tempeh, quinoa, nuts, and radishes?

For your protein, veggies, and carbs, we’ve selected the combination of tempeh, radish, and quinoa. Add flavor and character to the meal with cilantro and nuts.

You can use these ingredients in a single dish or combine them however you like to create one or more side dishes and a main course. Try to grill at least one of the dishes, though.

Recipe Ideas

  • This Quinoa Grain Bowl is endlessly customizable for any ingredients you can imagine. Nuts, radishes, and tempeh? Yup, that'll work.
Quinoa Grain Bowl

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