Recipe challenge ingredients

Sauté — Stir it up in a shallow pan.

Cheese — So many cheeses, so little time!

Potato — Mashed or french fried? We all love a potato.

Cilantro — Peppery and pungent fresh leaves of the coriander plant.

Bacon — Many would argue that this is the best part of the pig.

Fennel — A unique licorice-like taste; can be used raw or cooked.

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Sauté: cheese, potato, cilantro, bacon, and fennel

What can you make with cheese, potatoes, bacon, and fennel?

Try cheese, fennel, and potato for your protein, vegetables, and carbs. Add some flavor and fun by incorporating cilantro and bacon into the meal.

You might want to combine the ingredients into a single meal — on a sheet pan or in a crock pot, for example — or separate them into multiple dishes. Whatever you decide, we suggest you sauté at least one of the dishes.

Recipe Ideas

Potato Fennel Cheese Soup

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