Recipe challenge ingredients

Roast/Bake — Preheat your oven while you prep your ingredients.

Eggs — They're for more than just breakfast!

Quinoa — A tasty, increasingly popular South American "pseudograin."

Dill — It’s for more than just pickles and potato salad.

Mushroom — Nutritious and more than a dozen varieties for endless cooking options.

Kale — Delicious and popular with plenty of uses. Ignore the haters.

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Roast/bake: eggs, quinoa, dill, mushroom, and kale

Can you make a meal with eggs, quinoa, mushrooms, and kale?

For your protein, veggies, and carbs, try this combination: eggs, kale, and quinoa. Have fun with it by adding dill and mushroom.

Whether you use the ingredients to create multiple side dishes or a single main dish is up to you. But roast/bake at least one of the dishes.

Recipe Ideas

Quinoa-Kale Egg Muffins with Mushrooms

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